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Affiliate Members

  Malaine Hagemeier  McIlroy & Millian 636-462-4505 malaine_hagemeier@mcilroyandmillan.com 
  Rachel South Troy Area Chamber of Commerce  636-462-8769 Director@troyonthemove.com 
  Economic Development      
  Julie Rodgers Lincoln County Economic Development 636.462.8095 jrodgers@lcmo.us
  Nichole Frichtel Community State Bank 636-528-6088 nfrichtel@c-s-b.com
  Lisa McLaughlin Delmar Mortgage 314-677-0460 LMclaughlin@delmarfinancial.com
  Melissa Maxwell First State Bank Mortgage 314-712-0673 MMaxwell@fsbfinancial.com
  Tony Pogrelis Guild Mortgage Company 314-800-5146 tony@guildmortgage.net
  Tiffany Harris People's Bank & Trust 636-668-8118 tiffany.harris@pbtc.net
  Amy Switzer People's Bank & Trust 636-290-7131 amy.switzer@pbtc.net
  James Pryor Thompson Kane and Company 636-489-1620 jpryor@thompsonkane.com
  Jason Meininger Thompson Kane and Company 636-489-1620 jmeininger@thompsonkane.com
  Katie Otto USA Mortgage 314-348-6298 kotto@usa-mortgage.com
  Michelle Leesmann USA Mortgage 314-808-3170 mleesmann@usa-mortgage.com
  Stephanie Matlock USA Mortgage 636-675-7615 smatlock@usa-mortgage.com
  Steve Dieckhaus USA Mortgage 636-634-6078 sdieckhaus@usa-mortgage.com
  Laura McBride 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 314-477-4551 laura.mcbride@bpginspections.com
  Nick Minderman 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 636-293-0763 nick.minderman@bpginspections.com
  Tyler Scott 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 636-295-3941 tyler.scott@bpginspections.com
  Jason Ratliff 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 636-445-4636 jason.ratliff@bpginspections.com
  Wesley Kelley 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 636-293-0636 wes.kelley@bpginspections.com
  Tim Clark 7 Oaks / BPG Inspections 314-249-5839 Tim.Clark@bpgwi.com
  Garrett Fravell Garrett Consulting & Inspection Services  314-799-9449 garrett@garretthomeinspections.com
  Chris Heins HoneyFyx Home Inspections & Repairs 636-358-4962 chris@honeyfyx.com
  Mike Maxwell Maxwell Home & Property Solutions 636-487-6575 mhpsllc@live.com
  Sandy Glass Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance 636-751-8169 sandy.glass@mofb.com
  Mold Services      
  Patsy Howell Fungus-A-Mungus, LLC 314-568-5680 pduncan1105@gmail.com
  Rich Ciciora Mold Solutions 314-803-0203 rciciora@moldstlouis.com
  Pest Control      
  Ronald Skaggs  Around the Clock Pest Control 314-303-7240 aroundtheclockpestcontrol@gmail.com
  Nicole Skaggs Around the Clock Pest Control 314-303-7240 aroundtheclockpestcontrol@gmail.com
  Garry Halim Pro Shots Real Estate Photography 703-853-9227 garry.proshots@gmail.com
  Staging & Photography      
  Dawn Hinds Hindsight Staging & Photography 314-680-6637 dawn@hindsight-staging-photos.com
  Title Company      
  Joyce Presser All County Title 636-528-7256 joyce@allcountytitleco.com
  Jesse Granneman All County Title 636-528-4910 jesse@jglaw.us
  Lance Jeans Meyer Title Company 636-528-8280 lance@meyertitle.com
  Annabelle Lee Meyer Title Company 636-528-8280 annabelle@meyertitle.com
  Bobbie Tapley Select Title Group 636-279-0943 btapley@selecttitlegroup.com
  Amanda Wilber Select Title Group 314-835-6089 awilber@selecttitlegroup.com
  Christy Peasel  Title Partners Agency, LLC 314-858-9251 cpeasel@stltitlepartners.com
  Victoria Mennemeyer Tri County Title 636-299-7771 vicki@openwindowtitle.com
  Cynthia Davenport Tri County Title 636-262-6806 cdavenport@westplexlaw.com
  Cathy Champion U.S. Title 636-928-8551 CChampion@US-Title.com
  JoAnn Portwood U.S. Title 636-928-8551 jportwood@us-title.com